Buxton Community ID Retail Analysis Study


Buxton research regarding consumer proximity, demand, economic level, buying habits, and other factors supports the likelihood that rightly matched retail businesses can be successfully added to our community’s existing inventory of retail choices.
Community ID Retail Site Determination Report pdf
Users Guide for Community ID Analysis pdf

The Retail Leakage and Surplus Analysis is a guide to understanding our community’s retail opportunities. The report indicates how well the retail needs of local residents are being met by showing the gap between actual and potential retail sales in Richmond.
Retail Leakage and Surplus Analysis – 15 minute drive time pdf
Retail Leakage and Surplus Analysis – 30 minutes drive time pdf

Another important outcome of the Buxton study, in addition to the eventual recruitment of large destination retail businesses, is the identification of one hundred other prospective retail business matches.
Top 100 Retail Match List (those highlighted gray are already located here) pdf

Twenty businesses selected from the list of one hundred have already been selected to receive recruitment information promoting our community.
20 retailers selected from the Top 100 Retail Match List pdf

The reports above were generated by The Buxton Group. They specialize in conducting research to facilitate development in the retail sector.

The Buxton Community ID Retail Study was conducted by a consortium of Wayne County organizations, including the Wayne County Convention & Tourism Bureau, Main Street Richmond/Wayne County, the Richmond/Wayne County Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, along with city and county government and other groups and individuals committed to facilitate information gathering toward well informed exploration of economic development possibilities in the retail sector. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the four organizations mentioned above.

The funding of the Buxton Community ID Retail Study was a collaborative effort on behalf of the following organizations: City of Richmond, Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, Economic Growth Group, First Bank Richmond, Palladium-Item, Reid Hospital and Health Care Services, US Bank, Vigran Foundation, and Wayne County Foundation. We would like to thank them for making the Buxton study possible.
Retail / Service Wage and Employment Trending pdf
Buxton Presentation August 30, 2007