About the EDC

Our mission is to improve the business and community environment as well as employment opportunities in Wayne County, Indiana. We are achieving this goal by:

  • Identifying, addressing and overcoming obstacles to business retention, growth, and development.
  • Encouraging the retention and expansion of existing businesses and attracting new investment.
  • Encouraging investment in the workforce through the education and training of its people.

Since January of 2009, the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, through its EDIT fund, has assisted companies with 53 economic development projects in their commitment to the retention and creation of close to 2,060 jobs. These projects have resulted in  over $273.6 million in new private investment in Wayne County. The county’s consolidated EDIT fund comes from funding provided by partnering towns in Wayne County who have agreed to provide half of their EDIT proceeds yearly for county-wide economic development. Partners in county-wide economic development currently include the towns of Cambridge City, Centerville, Economy, Hagerstown, Mt. Auburn, Richmond, and Wayne County.