Recreation & Culture

Don’t let our size fool you. You can be as busy as you want to be in Wayne County. We have a diverse number of amazing recreation and entertainment opportunities. Between our many festivals, performing arts, history, outdoor recreation, sporting events, and unique shopping and dining venues you’ll find something to fill your free time!


In Wayne County we actually have a festival season. While festivals happen throughout the warmer months, fall is festival time! Each community has its designated weekend for their festival featuring food, vendors, and live music. In the winter, the ice carvers slide into town to carve blocks of ice with chainsaws and power tools into sparkling sculptures that line the sidewalks in the Historic Depot District and downtown Richmond.

Performing Arts

One of the highlights of Wayne County is our performing arts community. Be in the audience or be in the performance. Richmond Civic Theater, Department of Improv, and the Community Orchestra provide opportunities to participate backstage or on stage. Visit the Richmond Art Museum or attend a performance of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra or Civic Hall Performing Arts. There are always a variety of performances and speakers at several venues throughout the county.

Rich History

Wayne County is also rich in history with museums focusing on natural science or an eclectic mix of displays. We’re home to the only two Egyptian mummies in the state! Both legally purchased, one is located at the Wayne County History Museum, the other at the Joseph Moore Museum on beautiful Earlham College’s campus.

Indoor & Outdoor Recreation

We have numerous opportunities for indoor and outdoor recreation. Don’t forget to visit Cope Environmental Center, home of the only certified Living Building in Indiana or Hayes Arboretum with hiking and driving trails. From pickleball and tennis, to biking, running and walking trails, to an indoor walking track, hiking and swimming we have many ways for you to stay active indoors or outdoors.

Unique Dining Experiences

After taking advantage of all the recreation and entertainment opportunities in Wayne County you’ll be ready for a bite to eat and something to drink. Several towns in our county have unique dining experiences featuring live music, great food, craft beer, wine, and cocktails. And don’t forget shopping. There are independently owned boutiques, home décor, and antique shops in many of our town’s shopping districts.

There’s something for just about everyone in Wayne County. You won’t be bored.