Port Access

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Intermodal Transportation

  1. Indianapolis International Airport

  2. Richmond Municipal Airport

  3. Connersville Mettle Field

  4. Dayton International Airport

  5. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

  6. Fort Wayne International Airport

  7. Port Columbus International Airport

  8. Senate Avenue Intermodal Terminal

  9. Gest Street Intermodal Terminal

  10. Port of Greater Cincinnati

  11. Ports of Indiana - Jeffersonville

  12. Ports of Indiana - Mount Vernon

  13. Ports of Indiana - Burns Harbor



3 Ports – 2 Waterways – 1 System

Your company’s location in Wayne County provides access to the Ports of Indiana. More than half the state’s border is water which includes 400 miles of direct access to two major freight transportation arteries: The Great Lakes/ St. Lawrence Seaway (via Lake Michigan) and the Inland Waterway System (via the Ohio River). Indiana ships about 70 million tons of cargo by water each year. Ports are located at Burns Harbor, Jeffersonville, and Mount Vernon. (Source: Indiana Logistics Directory, Ports of Indiana)


Indiana Freshwater Ports

Port Location Access
Burns Harbor 226 miles NW Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean
Jeffersonville 176 miles SW Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, Gulf of Mexico
Mount Vernon 264 miles SW Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, Gulf of Mexico

Source: Ports of Indiana